Evening Networking Sessions parallel

Evening Networking Sessions parallel

We have two events:
Core Facility Networking Event & Entrepreneur Networking event (pleese see below)

Core Facility Networking Event

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023, at 8:00 pm at DRFZ

Chairs: Sarah Warth & Desiree Kunkel & Christian Kukat

This event is an opportunity to meet and share your experiences and challenges working in a Core facility.
We will have short presentations on latest technologies and an update on recent plans for extended networking opportunities. We hope for lots of ideas to discuss afterwards in an informal atmosphere among colleagues.
We want to spend a wonderful evening at the DGfZ meeting 2023 in Berlin, with food & beverages & YOU!

Gert van Isterdael
Gert van Isterdael

A new view on cytometry with the BD CellView™ Image technology

VIB Flow Core Ghent
VIB-UGent Center for Inflammation Research
Ghent, Belgium

The VIB Flow Core had the unique opportunity to test and evaluate BD’s prototype of their image enabled cell sorter equipped with the BD CellViewTM Image technology. In my talk I will highlight some of the applications we have been working on over the last years and show the potential of real-time image enabled FACS allowing researchers to make faster and more confident sorting decisions. Imaging based sorting will lead to improved quality of sort outcomes and its connected downstream processes. I will take the opportunity to present some preliminary results from the newly launched BD FACSDiscoverTM S8 Cell sorter.

Gert Van Isterdael is head of the VIB Flow Core Ghent. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science, he was subsequently a member of the De Jaeger lab (2003-2007) and the Beeckman lab (2007-2013) at the VIB Center of Plant Systems Biology (PSB). During his time at PSB, he became the cell sorter operator for the department and his passion for flow cytometry started. Early 2013, he joined the VIB Center for Inflammation Research (IRC) in the Lambrecht and Hammad lab. He became responsible for all flow cytometers and cell sorters located at IRC and was strongly involved in the conception of the IRC Flow Core facility, which matured in the VIB Flow Core Ghent. His primary role is to provide flow cytometry expertise to the users of the core facility. Under his leadership the VIB Flow Core has become a top academic core facility within Europe and the core is actively involved in benchmarking and testing new technologies. Gert Van Isterdael is an active member of ISAC, the International Society for Advancement of Cytometry and has received an ISAC SRL Emerging leader award (2016-2020) and the RMS Award for Flow Cytometry 2021.

Entrepreneur Networking Event

Tuesday, September 19th, 2023, at 8:00 pm at CCO

Chairs: Lisa Budzinski & Henrik Mei

At DGfZ we bring together technical developments and innovative cytometry applications. This event will give inspiration on how to translate your advancements into a business – learning directly from founders inside our community. Get inspired, get some background information, get in touch at our interactive entrepreneur evening event.

Kathrin Brenker
Kathrin Brenker

opto biolabs GmbH

Dr. Kathrin Brenker studied Molecular Medicine at the Georg August University in Göttingen. During her PhD at the Max Planck Institute in Freiburg, Kathrin worked at the interface between immunology and optogenetics. The lack of efficient analysis tools for optogenetic research, forced her (like many others) to solder her own illumination devices to perform experiments. As most people in the field struggle with the same challenge, she decided to start to commercialize the prototypes from her PhD and start a company: opto biolabs GmbH. Although Opto Biolabs has won numerous prices in the past years (1st place in the Cyberone HighTech Award 2018, 3rd place in the SPIE startup challenge 2019, Luminate Accelerator 2022, German Innovation Award 2023), building a profitable company is a true rollercoaster experience. Kathrin will share her experiences and challenges finding the perfect team, perfect funding and perfect  product.

Aida Meghraoui
Aida Meghraoui


AMKbiotech is a Contract Research Organization, providing the biomedical actors with a specialized expertise and tailored services in high-plex spatial biology and cytometry for biomarker identification and treatment efficacy validation. 

AMKbiotech was founded by Aïda Meghraoui PharmD. PhD. based on her research expertise in immunology, immuno-oncology and computation data analysis. During her academic research experience, she optimized the use of high-plex approaches to address clinical issues. She used mass cytometry to identify an early diagnosis biomarker candidate of sepsis  (Meghraoui-Kheddar et al, 2021) and used spatial biology to characterize the immune response during skin and oral cavity squamous cell carcinomas (Elaldi et al, 2021). With here pluri-disciplinary team, she is using now this expertise combined with up-to-date technologies to potentiate clinical and pre-clinical research project for new treatment validation.

Tyler Burns
Tyler Burns

Burns Life Sciences Consulting GmbH

Tykler Burns a biologist from California who moved to Berlin after he got his PhD. He has been an independent full-time remote consultant for just under five years. He specializes in data analysis, technical and scientific advising, and biosecurity.