Dear cytometry enthusiasts,

Henrik Mei

on behalf of the German Society for Cytometry I have the pleasure to announce the
33rd Annual Meeting of the German Society for Cytometry in Berlin on September 19-21, 2023 to get together & discuss cytometry and the biology of cells in all its wonderful dimensions.

We have designed an exciting scientific programme for you, representing cytometric imaging, cutting-edge technologies, mass cytometry, nanotechnology, microbiology, advanced data analysis techniques, and mechanocytometry. We warmly welcome the Danish Society for Cytometry as hosts of this years´ Guest Session. 

Get in touch during the poster session and industry exhibition while coffee breaks, the welcome reception and the Networking event – Meet the speakers will provide plenty opportunity to expand your cytometry network.

Last but not least tutorials and our famous Product Slam featuring cutting-edge news on instruments, assays and services from the wide range of industry partners will round up the meeting.

What`s new this year?

For the very first time we will offer a Welcome session termed „Meeting Point Cytometry –  First Time Attendee and New Member Welcome Orientation“. We are warmly welcoming scientists of all levels that are new to the community or a first time participant at our annual meeting.

In line with this years´ focus on technology transfer in cytometry, we introduce the new Entrepreneur networking event, providing a forum for exchange between everyone interested in securing IP and building a business around their innovation in cytometry, or discoveries made with the help of cytometry. We have invited role models for successful technology transfer to discuss and share their ways of making it happen.

The many facets of cytometry, its applications and the variety of career tracks it offers inspired to headline this edition  of our annual meeting with „DIMENSIONS“, to represent the science of cytometry, the science enabled by cytometry, and to celebrate our vivid community carried by so many unique personalities.

Confirmed speakers include: Ermelinda Porpiglia (Aarhus), Sean Bendall (Stanford), and Eicke Latz (Bonn).

I am looking forward to welcoming you 2023 in Berlin!

Henrik Mei

President of the German Society for Cytometry (DGfZ e.V.)

More information on the German Society of Cytometry (DGfZ)

DGfZ travel grants

It is an aim of the Society to encourage the active participation of young scientists in scientific meetings in the field with an individual grant to cover part of the travel costs. Master, PhD and MD students as well as young postdocs can apply for funding.

Partners of the DGfZ live at the Product Slam

In addition to the scientific sessions, the “Product Slam” is held during the annual conference. Here, our partners from different industrial fields present their latest innovations within 3 minutes. The audience then votes for the best contribution. This event is framed by the industry exhibition, which accompanies the meeting and offers extensive technologies „to touch“.

Every year …

the German Society for Cytometry meets. At the annual meeting, experts from various disciplines come together for lively discussions on groundbreaking technologies and their latest applications in the broad field of cytometry.

The Society’s Annual Meeting is characterised by a friendly and cordial atmosphere where invited speakers present their latest research findings and prospective PhD students and post-docs are given the opportunity to present their research in a stimulating and relaxed environment.

DGFZ Short Talks and Poster Prize

From all abstracts, our scientific jury will promote outstanding and suitable contributions to an oral presentation as short talks (10 min). All other accepted abstracts will be presented as posters.
The best poster presentation will be awarded a poster prize of 200 EUR.

Program Committee Annual Meeting 2023

Program Committee and local organisation

Henrik Mei
Oliver Otto
Raluca Niesner
Anja Hauser
Thomas Kroneis
Wolfgang Fritzsche
Frank Schildberg 
Christin Koch
Christian Kukat
Lisa Budzinski  

Elisa Rosati
Ulrike Taylor 
Désirée Kunkel
Sarah Warth
Martha Urbanska
Bertram Bengsch

Elmar Endl
Ute Hoffmann
Jacqueline Hirscher

The Klaus Goerttler Prize is awarded annually. It is aimed at young scientists who have completed an outstanding habilitation or doctorate in the field of cytometry. The prize is endowed with 1,000 euros and is awarded annually during the annual conference.
The prize winners can also design the Klaus Goerttler session of the upcoming conference with their own selection of speakers.

Since its foundation, the DGfZ provides a platform for interdisciplinary, scientific exchange and to promote communication and the transfer of knowledge and innovative science. Since 1994, the society has been renamed into German Society for Cytometry (DGfZ).

The tasks of the DGfZ
Cytometry is an essential analytical technique in the fields of biology, medicine and ecology. It is used to investigate cells and their genetic, biochemical and structural properties.

The annual meetings of DGfZ promote interdisciplinary exchange in basic and clinical research as well as in industrial development. For this purpose, the DGfZ creates an organisatoric structure to strengthen the science of cytometry. The focus of each meeting is the analysis of genetic, physiological, and structural processes in cells. In this sense, the DGfZ empowers methodological and technical innovations in the field of cytometry by bringing together experts from different disciplines for a lively exchange of ideas on cutting edge technologies and their latest applications.

Interview with Günter Valet on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of DGFZ in 2020. An entertaining look back at the founding years of the DGFZ.

DGfZ Board
Henrik Mei, president
Oliver Otto, vice president
Thomas Kroneis, secretary
Christian von Rein, treasurer

Advisory Board
Bertram Bengsch
Lisa Budzinski
Wolfgang Fritzsche
Anja Hauser
Christin Koch 
Christian Kukat
Raluca Niesner 
Frank Schildberg