We would like to thank all cytometry enthusiasts for this wonderful conference in Berlin!

Almost 200 participants, speakers, poster presenters and 20 industry partners joined the meeting and made this a memorable event.

This year, the DGfZ e.V. invited for the first time new attendees and young visitors for exchange at the “Meeting Point Cytometry”, to engage with the society and mingle with board and council members and cytometry experts. During the tutorials new and established technology handling was covered.

During six scientific sessions dedicated to the basics and scientific application specific technologies we experienced the many facets of cytometry, and the wealth of information it provides to many domains in life sciences and beyond. The Keynote Lecture was held by Sean Bendall on the application of mass cytometry and multiplexed ion beam imaging in the understanding of hematopoietic differentiation. We were pleased to host our guests from the Danish Society for Flow Cytometry who introduced the Danish Society for Cytometry and gave insight into their research. This year´s Guest Lecture was given by Eicke Latz, wrapping up his long term and successful research on inflammasomes.

Networking events for core facility managers and affiliates as well as for the first time for entrepreneurs in cytometry completed the program.

Year by year the Product Slams evolves more and more to a high quality show and poetry slam by enthusiastic industry partners. We congratulate BioLegend and ThermoFisher scientific especially the Thermo Fee for being the Product Slam 1st and 2nd Prize winners.

Annika Betzler, this year´s winner of the Klaus Goerttler Award sponsored by the German Society for Cytometry, was honored with the prize during the Klaus Goerttler Session.

Last but not least, we congratulate Frances Winkler. She was awarded for best poster and presentation with this year´s DGfZ poster prize.

With this overwhelming impressions we are looking forward to meet you all again and of course new faces at our next conference in September 2024 in Berlin.

your Organizers of the DGfZ

Some impressions

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